Relationship Issues: Are You And Your Partner Meant To Be?

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!Relationship issues can bring us all down, especially when we don’t feel like we are seeing eye to eye with our partner. It’s no surprise that many of us bring up relationship questions when it comes to things like ambition in life, career goals, etc.

In this video you’ll learn how to find YOUR truth on what you want in your relationship, which will in turn help you figure out if you and your partner’s differences are in fact deal breakers.

Here are 4 juicy questions to ask yourself right now about your relationship:

Relationship Question #1 – The kids talk. If you want kids and your partner doesn’t, or it’s the other way around, I’ve found this is something you MUST agree on. For most people, this is a deal breaker.

Relationship Question #2 – Do you like to do the same thing with your partner with you have time off? Do they like to do the things you like to do? If you don’t see eye to eye on this, will you be happy not spending most of your free time together and having different experiences and things in common? Only you can decide this.

Relationship Question #3 – Imagine what your life would be like if you weren’t with your partner and you felt no guilt about it. If you could be free of the relationship, and neither of you felt any pain, would you still be with this person?

Relationship Question #4 – Really ask yourself why you want to be in the relationship. If you’re really honest about why you’re in it, then it will help you find clarity about how to move ahead in the future.

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