Relationship Tips and Advice: 10 Signs You’ve Found The One | Reacee Wright

Click “PLAY” to see if your guy passes the test! In this video, I share 10 signs or tips to let you know if you’ve found ‘Mr. Right’ So….Let’s Have A Little ‘Girl Talk’!!!

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With the New Year approaching, I thought it to be a good idea to share some tips with you ladies when it comes to dating and relationships. Every year we say we’re going to get ourselves together, we’re going to lose weight, we’re gonna do this or that. Well, this year, I want you to have the mindset that you’re going to be productive, you’re going to accomplish some great things and you’re not going to waste your time trying to
force love or force relationships with someone who’s just not willing……OR WORTH IT!

Jumping in a relationship at a young age, I wasted so many years trying to “make it work” As women, we sometimes envision our life: Who we want to marry, how many kids we want, at what age we’re going to be homeowners, business owners etc. but sometimes God’s plan for your life may be just a bit different! Not to mention I was too young to be thinking about serious relationships. I wasted most of my young adult years in a dead-end relationship, and that is time I can’t get back.

I feel this saying is true, “It takes a good man to make you see what a bad man looks like”. -or however that saying goes!! I’ve been married for 3 1/2 years and like I mention in the video: ‘every couple isn’t on cloud nine’ but I definitely have someone who puts any previous boyfriend/relationship to SHAME!

Anyway Ladies, I hope you enjoy the video. Please give it a thumbs up if you like it. Yes. A lot of the points I make are arguable. If I were to go over every possible point or issue, the video would be endless! I hope the guys don’t feel too bad, I have to look out for my Sistas being I’m a woman first!!! 🙂 Take Care Ladies

Disclaimer: I’m blinking a lot! LOL I probably shouldn’t mention this b/c I may be calling your attention to it. I don’t have on any eyeglasses/contacts. I’ll be sure to wear them in the next video! Love YALL!!!!

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  1. thank you! Even though this video was for WOMEN. I am certain, I have found me a super special woman who no on else can compare to.

  2. Girl I was mesmerized by your make up and hair! Beautiful :). I love the you don’t have time for part, all good tips though

  3. i love your hair!! my hair is really broken and fragile. how did you get your hair so thick and big? i have relaxed (permed) hair by the way 🙂

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