Relationship & Work Advice | WahlieTV EP509

We have seen a lot of comments regarding relationship advice, here it is!
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  1. Never even heard or seen rainbow carrots before!! Wish Blue Apron shipped to Hawaii! Oh guess gonna wait till I move away. 🙂

  2. Thanks weylie and wah. I’ve had such a bad week and feel just so down that i feel like going on a wahlietv marathon. Yesterday i accidentally left my macbook in an uber and oh my god i was just all over the place with panic attacks and sobbing. Long story short, i got the laptop back but the scare has sort of traumatised me. The incident just put so many things and people in a different way for me. Anyway i wanted to say thank you for this vlog i really appreciated the life lessons

  3. I went to Perth in early July and at one of the attraction i though i may have catch a glimpse of wah’s niece, but because it was just a glimpse i wasn’t really sure at the moment and i though i may be hallucinating. Till i just catch up this post means there’s a possibility i saw wahniece there?!!!

  4. Aw man i love it when Weylie and Wah sits us down and just talk to us, it’s so fulfilling and I really do feel like Weylie and Wah are talking to us one on one

  5. is there something that you do to Michi that makes her not shed? cause i have a shiba too, and my house has fur everywhereeee and i noticed yours doesn’t

  6. I’m really surprised by how real this got. Really good surprised. This is so relatable. I want to start a relationship but I’m not sure about the work involved, compromising all the time, the fighting, the disagreements… Maybe all I’m feeling is just lust, a need for companionship. I’m doubting my feelings.

  7. This comment is a little late but thank you for the blue apron offer/deal! I can’t cook even if my life depended on it lol. I buy overpriced meals for lunch since I work full time and I’m just too tired to figure out what I’ll eat for lunch then next day. Thanks to you guys, I get to try this out with a cheaper price & possibly discover a better way to eat/save some money. Love the vlogs by the way! Always watching ❤️

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