Seniors Dating Seniors: What do Women Want?

The exhilarating world of seniors dating seniors is undergoing vast changes as old stereotypes go the way of the dinosaur, but one thing still baffles men – what is it that women want in a man?

However, men may be on the verge of finally figuring it out as approximately 3000 male Boomers retire every day, most of whom are far more enlightened to the fairer sex than their fathers.

It also helps that the needs of men and women start to become more similar as we age, but surely some men will still have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world of a senior relationship.

Do you know five of the most important things women look for in a potential life partner? This video reveals the answers and one of them might even make you blush.

And on the video’s list of 10 characteristics that even casual over 50 dating women look for in a man, how do you stack up?

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that older women value time and therefore have less and less of it for the typical male dating games. As a result, women are less compromising about what they want in a man.

And if they find what they want, don’t be surprised if they do the asking out. In this day and age, even dating has become an equal opportunity activity.

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