Signs A Man Doesn t Love You

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Already says a well-known song “Everything has its end, nothing lasts forever”.

And is that when we start a relationship no one knows for sure if that will end or not, ideally it is projected into the future but is not always so.

That is when we have to realize some signs that can put us in alarm if our partner really continues to love us or is just custom.

So if you detect those 8 signs in a man he no longer loves you, so the next one please

!1. He wants more time for himself.

In every relationship it is true that everyone must have their space, but when that already exceeds the limit reaching a point that they do not have a time for both to share.

If you notice these changes, it sure does not want you by his side anymore.

2. Almost does not answer his phone, worse messages.

At first, he’ll make excuses explaining why he does not answer his phone.

But then he will be angry with you, when you demand a hard explanation from him of why he does not answer the phone when you call him.

That just shows the lack of interest in you.

3. Bothered by simplicity.

He is impatient for everything you do for him or tell him.

Maybe to the point of screaming and telling you that he does not want to see you at his side;

When all you do is to try to make him fall in love with you more.

5. Flirts with other girls while being you with him.

He is so scoundrel that when he’s with you he starts whistling and flirting with other women, he even compares you to another girl, telling you that she is better than you.

“In life there are thousands of women, but you are unique, do not forget.”

6. Lies about where he is.

If he is working he tells you that he will be working until late, but you realize that he is with his friends, at a dance or by bad luck with another girl.

You ask for an explanation, and he’s like he has not done anything wrong, and even gets more upset with you.

7. He does not care about your problems.

He realizes all the evil you are going through, but for him life is the same.

He does not care about you anymore and he’s moving away from you.

8. You no longer have intimacy.

Each time you make love less and less, and he does it with you because you ask.

It takes a lot of work for him to get close to you.

Woman, this is a sign that the love of the two is over.

When a man loves a woman never resists intimacy.

9. He does not tell you love phrases.

He is distant, he stops being affectionate, he does not treat you with tenderness and you do not hear any words of love that come out of his mouth.

Besides, he no longer include you in his plans.

In clearer terms you are completely relegated from his life.

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