Signs Your Best Guy Friend Likes You

What are the signs your best guy friend likes you?

I’m assuming he isn’t gay. A lot of girls spend time with gay guys because they seem like one of the girls, but it does tend to impede your love life since you aren’t around guys who will do more than like you.

What are the signs a straight guy likes you?

One good sign is if he wants to spend a lot of time around you. If he’s volunteering to help you, invites you to events, takes you to dinner, etcetera.

Or he’s a friend.

You know he really likes you if he doesn’t like you spending time with other guys.

There are jokes that asking a woman to marry you means he wants to make it illegal for other guys to have sex with you.

You know he likes you if he gets cross when you talk about the guys you are dating.

Because he wants to be the one dating me.

Another sign he likes you is that he’s protective. You say you’re worried about muggers and he walks you home.

Or offers me gun range lessons.

It’s another form of protection.

What is another sign he likes me?

If he keeps hinting at dating or exclusivity and you don’t say yes.

Girls are usually the ones who get in trouble because they don’t say things outright, instead of dropping hints the guys don’t get.

I know, all the women who get mad because men don’t know how to read minds while forgetting that they don’t really know how, either, myths of feminine mystique aside.

What if a guy seems to really know me?

That could be a sign you’ve just known each other forever. Your brother knows you well, but it doesn’t mean he likes you.

We’re family, he doesn’t have a choice.

If a guy says you ought to be family a la marriage or kids, ideally both, then you really know he likes you.

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