“Taang Mat Arhao” : STOP Interruptting, START Listening – Love and Relationship Advice (Hindi)

A relationship advice in Hindi on how not to interrupt others and avoid arguments in conversations. This video covers an important relationship advice of not interrupting in conversations.

We generally have a habit of interrupting in conversations of others and completing their statements. We try to minimize their long conversations and try to shorten them with our own statements. This creates trouble in relations and leads to problems in relations.

This is a relationship advice for men and women of any age. Let me tell you how it affects our love and relationships in life.

Be it you are a teenager or a married couple, most of the problems start from conversations. When we do not let other person speak, we assume what the other person wants to say. And based on our assumptions, we try to understand his or her point of view. This leads to nothing else except misunderstanding in relationships.

Secondly when we cut conversations, we try to speak words of the other person. Since, it’s his conversation, the other person also tries to interrupt us to prove his point or express himself. This again leads to ‘baat ka bartha’

Also, further in my relationship tips in video, I have also covered another point as a pert of my advice for better relations in life. When we interrupt someone, the other person increases the speed of thinking and speaking, this also makes us increase our speed of thinking and speaking. This leads to irritation in relations.

So if you want that other person should have confidence in you, your friends and family members shall be comfortable with you. Then, you shall always listen to them patiently with active listening skills. Initially, you will have to consciously remember this in your mind that I will not speak until and unless the other person has completed his statement or expressed his or her thoughts.

This way you will be more confident in your relations and this solution will act as a confidence building tip for you. You will have more love around you. This advice is for everyone in every age group, for a husband, wife, chidren, parents, teenagers and elders.

Being a motivational speaker in India, my mission is to spread love and happiness. I will keep posting such hindi inspirational videos with love and relationship advice.



  2. Hola! 

    I wanna improve my relationship with a girl namely Riya who is my crush. We used to be friend and now we haven’t talk about a year or more. I committed a mistake by intuition that she is sad and disturbed because of her loss of mother (which is happened during earlier).I wanted to help her at that time but she took me in a wrong way and we didn’t talk.

    Please give me some suggestions to improve my relationship with this girl.

    Love and Charm
    Light fantasy   

  3. I realise my fault, saying sorry to myself , i am having this bad habit to interrupt in between others talk, i will try to recover from damage , i will try to leave this bad habit , will try to improve my listening skills … Thanks a lot sir 🙂    

  4. hi himeesh g i saw ur video 1 time an it was nice an i want to know one thing do you have more video about relations bcz main bohat emotional hu reshtyo ke liye sir us emotions ko thoda kam krna chahti hu bcz kabhi kabhi ye cheez mj bohat nuksan bhi karti hai so aapki video se mj motivation milta

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