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  1. Keels do you have any advice? My boyfriend broke up with me recently because he apparently “stopped liking me” but I really like him still and it hurts because he’s over it and I was depressed before and now it’s even worst. How do I get over him when I have to see him being happy everyday without me? I want him back 🙁 xxxx love your videos X

  2. I was looking for a fresh pharmacy review and one of your videos came up. I started watching more of your videos and I liked them very much! You have a new subscriber ☺️ keep up with the good work!

  3. I wish this video was made 8 months ago and I wouldn’t have made the stupid mistakes I did in my past but I feel because I went through what I did I met the guy who I truly love and who makes me feel great about myself and truly loves me back

  4. this is definitely a video all high schooler need to watch…they make the biggest mistakes n such a short period of time it’s crazy……but ur so on point with everything #ChillTFOut

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