Teen Dating Advice and Teen Relationship Advice for Teen Relationship Problems

I talk about my thoughts about relationships and give dating advice and relationship advice about teenage relationships. I give teen relationship advice for a lot of teen relationship problems that occur often. Many teens encounter problems in their relationships: height is an issue, “talking” but not dating yet, needing a girlfriend/boyfriend, acting “cool” around girls with friends, but being shy while alone, saying “I love you” in the first week, showing off to the world the success of your relationship, trust issues, desperate people who join every dating site to increase their chances of getting into a relationship, love at first site/looks are more important than personality, using poetry to express love, saying “I love you” every 5 minutes, constant communication, finding love instead of letting love find someone, the “perfect” guy/girl rather than accepting someone’s flaws, “hooking” a guy up with a girl, making a relationship Facebook official, long distance relationships, Man Crush Monday (MCM) and Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW), using filters ti have a high attraction rate, taking many selfies and only picking one to go online, girls getting their heart broke by jerks and not dating the nice guys, age differences, people who have to have it their way every time, having a “song” for the relationship, feeling the “need” to talk to someone for a long time to date him/her, “shacking up”/talking about getting married within a month of dating, and pregnant teenagers complaining about having money issues.

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  3. when you said about the part where all the good friendly boys and girls get ignored that is true a lot these days like the bad ones.Well really it’s because I’m one of them 🙁

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