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FACT: When it comes to dating, you need to send guys the RIGHT signals. That’s part of learning how to flirt with a guy and capture his interest.

In my relationship advice video, you’ll learn how to do this, and much more – like how to be a good girlfriend, for instance.

By giving him the right message, you’ll avoid the mistake of scaring off a perfectly good man (don’t worry, I’ll talk about that too!).

In dating, there’s nothing frustrating than that nagging thought in your head that you might have said or done something to make him pull away from you. Most relationship problems start when a guy doesn’t feel like his woman understands him on a deeper level.

I’ve seen a lot of women make this mistake, and knowing how to seduce a man begins with making him feel that you TRULY “get” him. Whether you’re on the first date or the 50th, nothing makes a guy fall for you faster than knowing what makes him tick.

Most women assume they know how to attract men – they think a cute outfit, the right makeup and a killer hairdo is all it takes to reel them in. But that’s just the beginning.

If you truly want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you, you have to understand that it’s not just about looking your best. He also needs to feel that you’re on “his team”.

That includes knowing why he does certain things, like putting on the cool-tough-guy act for example. Plus, he’s secretly worried that women only see him as free ride or will treat the relationship like a gravy train.

So, it boils down to sending him certain signals to keep him from forming that impression about YOU. I’ve been giving dating advice to women for a long time now, and I always tell them that men are just as interested to be in a long-term relationship as they are.

As a guy, I can tell you that a LOT of men aren’t the stereotypical “players” that you often hear about. We just need some reassurance that putting our heart on the line is right decision. That’s why my video will show how to please your man, lower his defenses, and plant the seeds of attraction in his mind

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