The ABC’s of Finding Mr. Right – by Cheryl Besner (for Digital Romance TV)

I don’t know if you have certain things you look for in a man on a first date, but I know I do and they are as fundamental as ABC.

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Appearance: I’m not talking physical characteristic per say, it’s more about how they presented themselves. Did he take the time to choose appropriate attire, style his hair, brush his teeth and clean his nails? I know it sounds trite, but what it demonstrates is his level of interest in meeting and impressing me- but more importantly that he has pride in himself.

Behavior: Was he polite? respectful? and gallant ? not only to me but to people around us? How someone orders their dinner can tell you a lot about their true personality.

Confidence: How did he carry himself and did he communicate his thoughts well, with assertiveness, character and knowledge?

Creativity: A big one for me! I am a visually stimulated person and think outside the box and somewhat artistic. I never get bored, as I am always creating something and I admire someone who can appreciate things in the same way and share in the process. It’s also my experience, when there are life issues creative people can usually find the answer to any challenge – we are open to possibilities.

Challenging: A person who makes me think, makes me grow and will ultimately hold my interest long term.

Chemistry: Bonus if you get this on the first date

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