The Best First Date

Because of Camilito is an insurance company (home, auto, commercial) that gives 100% of its profits to charity. So now, that bill you have to pay can not only protect your family, but also help fight poverty in the name of Jesus.

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  1. If there were more dad’s like this in the world alot more women would know the real values of a real man who respect her and treats her right. This guy sets an example of not only showing that but also giving his little girl the attention and fatherly love she deserves. #Respect

  2. People need to ask themselves if they wished their dad spent quality time with them. This is no different than having tea with her or playing any game with her…There are also many kids who either didnt have a father in their life or their father never showed them love….

  3. As I type through the tears I am in awe of this beautiful time in the lives of dad and daughter. God bless you both.

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