The BEST Place to take A Girl on a Date

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Moe talks about why he keeps his dates SUPER simple to gain the most out of his dates. So what are some good date ideas that are not only simple, time effective, and cheap?

– SIMPLE (set the expectations low)
– make it spontaneous (funny and messy dates = comfort)
– All this leads to CHEAP dates

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  1. take a walk in a park. First, I like walking. Second, you can talk about anything since the scenery is always changing, third, easy physically escalate.

  2. I usually just go for walks and go on an “adventure”. Sometimes I get juice first and then lead the walk. & On occasion if I reaaally like the girl, I’d put in more of an investment 🙂

  3. I take girls to the cat cafe. You both grab a latte for under $5, then go in a side room to play with kittens :3 -Austen

  4. I love taking a girl out downtown and showing her all the craziness that happens there, meet people and walk around looking for fun!

  5. I live in the Bay Area California and when I take new girls I meet on a date I usually just go to oakland buy my self an 1/8 of weed and go to this road called fish ranch and it has an amazing view , you could see all of San Francisco city and the golden-gate bridge. The view makes all the girls wet lol not really interested in winning but just wanted to share in case you lived in the bay and wanted to check it out its an amazing spot.

  6. Comment below some of YOUR date ideas. The best/craziest answer gets a 1 on 1 one hour skype call with me.

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