The Dating Index: How To Message Someone Online

Today’s dating advice entry discusses: How to message someone online so I get a response? What should I say when I message someone? Online dating message do’s and don’ts.

If you’ve been single for a while and would love to have a meaningful relationship, it takes more than just finding someone you’re attracted to. When you find someone attractive online, you don’t have to tell them that right away! In this video, I give examples of the same messages I receive over and over again, all of which do not inspire me to write back. I also share messages that have intrigued me enough to reply back.

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  1. Outstanding video! You’re genuine in my eyes and that’s attractive. You should make more videos, you have the alluring qualities to make this into a career. However, You’re whole video could have been summed up with what you said “If she finds you attractive she’ll respond to you, it’s that simple”. It really is that simple Cutie Pie! 😉

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