The Science of Online Dating

Use science and get a date.

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  1. On line dating is for creeps, serial killers and cum dumpster’s. Unless your looking to be slaughtered or just looking for an STD on line dating is here for all !

  2. Anyone can spread fake profiles (or fake news), but they will just be a disappointing person (or disappointing CNN) if they have to prove their claims in real life.

  3. I once made a profile on a dating website to see if my ex was using it. I added no pictures and my username was a bunch of numbers. But yet, I got over 50 hits in a couple months JUST because it said “female”

  4. i wonder how online dating is today i havent done that in a few years and it was easy then u didnt even need u face there just indicate u female and will get hits. I won’t be surprised if i end up dating a guy i met in the mall or on the train at this point coz of my lifestyle lmao

  5. If it were REALLY THAT easy, I’d never be a single lady. I live in a popular beyonce song on a nonstop loop…

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