THESE Men Have The Least Success In Online Dating

Online dating can be difficult for men, but OkCupid says they have some tips for men. John and Hannah discuss how much confidence men should display on dating profiles. Do you think women want confident men when they’re online dating?

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  3. Guys who tell women they are “shy” are trying to play on some sympathy card that doesn’t exist in sexuality.

  4. step 1.) Don’t be black/African American
    step 2.) Be white
    step 3.) Be at least 6’0
    step 4.) sit back and wait for replies
    For all the people that say I’m full of shit, then make a profile as a black man and walk a mile in my shoes.

  5. Online dating is for women and really good looking, hot men. Its just not meant for the vast majority of guys.

    Women though can be mediocre looking, short, overweight, and still have fun with the best looking guys around.

  6. Most girls can attract a man for passionate encounters who is in the top 20% of male physique. Women will show unmistakable signs of “interest” to tall, handsome men that get their pussies wet. These top males have to “reject” the woman’s not so subtle cues of interest. But, 80% of men receive no signs of interest from women. The men online are the same 80% in the reject category.

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