Top 10 WORST Date Ideas… EVER! (Dates Women HATE)

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The other day, Alpha gave his female friend a call who just went through a divorce. She started dating again and told Alpha about some of the horrible dates she’s been on recently. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is going over some of the worst date ideas ever.

Terrible Plans for 1st Three Dates

1. Don’t include your family
2. Eating anywhere that involves sauces and fingers
3. Strip clubs
4. Going to a club
5. Hanging out at a dive bar
6. The movies
7. Religious events or functions
8. Anything to do with fast food
9. Your home
10. Going shopping

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  1. Taking him or hear to a diner obviously for a first date you can talk all you want at gives the perfect chances to know him or her 2# go out that’s it go out let here know that you can also be a grate friend and put some more lazos ur bonds, build up trust (also a grate why to get spicy) 3# go some where exiting
    4# try to get spicy ? I don’t know lol

  2. Rocky invited Adrian into his apartment on their first date and they turned out just fine for the next few decades.

    I know it’s fictional, but I should point it out anyway.

  3. I took my gf to a metal concert, she texted me during the concert “this is the worst thing you can do to a gf”

  4. I always go into a ice house, even in the winter you can just go in and drink together a hot kakao , summer you take your waffle ice and go walk with her if theres a park close go there ! Else get creativ, i noticed its better when you walk with her eating your ice and just enjoying the weather and time with her, also ice is not expensive to its no big deal to buy it for her !

  5. First date, lunch at a family restaurant, art gallery, pool/darts bar, craft beer bar, wine bar. starbucks, a historical site.

    My advice is to try to hit 2 places in the first date, it makes her feel like she’s been on 2 dates even though it’s one day.

    Cinema can be ok, if she suggests it … but it can also be a disaster if the movie sucks. It’s a risk.

  6. Yeah movies….. one of the most akward moments of my life. I went to watch 007 spectre with my crush when i was 15. I do not recommend. Year later i got her but jesus fuck we laughed at the amount of alwardness.. still feel little ashamed

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