Top 10 Worst Things To Do On A First Date

Top 10 Worst Things To Do On A First Date

Think of a first date like an interview. You want to impress your date so that you land a second one! Here are some expert first date tips and tricks! For instance, like a job interview you should never be tardy as it makes you look like you’ve got better things to do. And please try not to get drunk or text all night long, simple courtesy signs!

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  1. Another one is do NOT insult/laugh at their morals, convictions, and goals. They’ll see you as a quitter or a masochist, and there’s nothing attractive or sexy about that. Success isn’t a ‘problem’ or a ‘joke’

  2. The last date I ever had, the guy just talked about his ex wife and to top that, he made a sexual joke… proposal I’m not really sure. First time and the last.

  3. Not sure if I agree with #3 because it seems to be directed at the male on the first date. I always offer to split the bill, I don’t like it when a date insists to pay for it all and I think it’s rude if you don’t at least offer to pay for half. If I were a man and my date sat back and expected me to pay, that would be the first and last date.

  4. Damn, you guys make Dating sound boring af! I don’t even fuck with it myself, when I think about it. But I love to flirt tho. And I get more more pussy off of just flirting than dating.

    Plus flirting is free, dating is expensive. So I flirt. And I totally disagree about not talking about sex on a date. I don’t expect sex off a first date but I damn sure need to find out if were sexually compatible. Before I commit any further. Because if we’re not. Bitch, you’re going into the friend zone.

  5. Appearances because things I don’t like the seat on the first date I’ll give me a dateand I don’t like so late I’m leaving the

  6. I stopped watching this video after 6 and a half minutes, because you continually showed scenes from HIMYM. I hate that show.

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