Waiting on God for a mate? Be prepared to brag for God!

This video is for those who are waiting on God for a mate. Please check out my playlist of videos on trusting and believing God for a mate HERE it has 60+ videos from different sources to help prepare you for your mate. list=PLbRqusrPmB7k9_Y657zhoM2ppOsxPD8DL
Heather lindsey (a christian blogger) met her husband, whom she was praying for, and he met the requirements on her list. This is a real life example of what I am talking about. Praise God. Check it out, hope this inspires you

Also, check out my other videos on numerous topics, including the struggles of singleness (so you don’t feel alone in your struggle) , chronic and fleeting loneliness, how to conquer the struggle of loneliness, and the secret of how to be 100% happy being single.
The Struggle Is Real, but so is GOd…

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