What Do Girls Expect On Their First Date? | STREET INTERVIEW | – INDIA

So its a treat for all the guys out there. Indian girls first time talk about what they actually expect on their first date and also about the turn offs. if you are new here do subscribe to my channel.

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  1. brother you have performed very well but I think you should have to be talkative in asking questions to the girls and don’t repeat the same girls opinion again and again its looks like a planned shot

  2. dude this was nice and quite helpful
    choose some decent locations and try to speak while they are speaking make it look like this is a conversation not an interview this is youtube and you are meant to be informal
    and try to smile
    its not necessary to speak english bro, not saying that your english is bad but there was a girl who wasnt comfortable with speaking in english
    . and all the besti think best would be if you spoke HINGLISH

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