What Do Men Really Want – Christian Relationship Advice for Women

In this video I share Christian relationship advice for women on what men really want. As women men can seem so hard to understand when considering dating and relationships. I will give love advice on how to keep your man happy and coming back for more! Watch!

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  2. I see you are back again only i always been afraid of marriage and getting kids first i was afraid of child support and then came along all this STD’S and that made me more afraid very , very afraid im not putting women’s down im just saying that they think every man is a dog or whatever you want to call it just because they have seen men’s all their life who eyeballing women’s who about to break their’s neck over a piece of meat i learn the easy way like i say before alot’s of my classmates died from AIDS and others Diseases due to sexual contract and most of them were married also i never drink or did any drugs before or smoke i learn from watching others people mistake with that too that’s why im just a work and back home kinds of guy no club’s even i hates club’s i don’t see why people go out to club’s all they are doing is throwing away their’s money im rent free and lived alone and i love working out and taking care of myself i don’t even invite anyone over i have turns down alot’s of women’s they send me all kinds of pictures on my phone pictures that makes most men’s jump up and go meet those kinds of women’s i don’t do nothing just laugh because a woman thinks she can use her body to draw a guy in every time someone say something about sex the first thing comes to mind stay single and healthy because there’s alot’s of diseases out there well everyone is not the same just like me i love MILK i even drink and drive with MILK it’s got to the point that everyone gave me a name Milkman even all the police’s call me MILKMAN that’s funny only i drink more water than MILK i just love MILK Anyway nice video keep up the GOOD WORK

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