What If Animals Gave Relationship Advice?

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Ever find yourself wishing for relationship advice and have no one to turn to? Looking for the secrets to a long and happy relationship but can’t find the answers? Maybe you just want to know how to tell that certain someone that you like them, but don’t know how to make the first move? Have no fear, Mother Nature is here! Other animals have millennia worth of mating experience, maybe they can teach us a thing or two?


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  1. Looking for a significant otter? A deer sweetheart? Someone who whale love you forever?
    Try some romance tips from the animal kingdom!

  2. You forgot that a young lion looking for a young lioness will kill her cubs to make her fertile again. AND SHE FALLS FOR IT!

  3. once again need a contact number for PBS Digital. could have sworn I just connected here not to long ago today. don’t know what happened. Thx.

  4. third is Sharon Faye Hudson again. I had a conversation with a Mr. Hilton from PBS Digital regarding my project. it’s been at least 2 months. I can’t find a tel # for PBS Digital anywhere.Joe Hilton. He said they’d get back to me….. my email is info.doctor princess @gmail. com. I had to let my Atty know what is happening mainly because I haven’t heard back so I’m sure u understand. Why can’t I find a # for PBS Digital? Sharon Faye Hudson.

  5. Wiggle your butt, master interior design, yell with some pals in the ocean, let your body odor build up, and rip off your penis and attach it to a heat-seeking missile. Got it.

  6. “Is that romance in the air or is it just beaver butts?” Definitely gonna use this pick up line some day.

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