What Not To Say In An Online Dating Message

Do all of the online dating messages you send out always get deleted or ignored? If you want to get a response from someone you like online here are the 5 things you should NEVER say in a first online dating message.

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  1. Me I never make the mistake of saying you are hot or you beatifull..blah blah because it makes you look like a desperate loser or a pervert..and I do not use the word “HI” that sounds so corny,ignorant and in personal..I use the word Hello and then proceed what I find interesting about them and I tell them a little more in depth about myself I make it worth reading and I do not say anything to them about  their body and looks I keep them focused about what I like about their interests and personality,,and keep the thoughts about their looks to myself..I do not mention anything over personal in an email,,I wait until I can meet them in person If chemistry clicks between us..I see idiots do that all the time on facebook saying shit like that about their looks,they look like a bunch of inbred dumbassed morons who obviously jack off to porn site..LOL..I don’t know that’s just my opinion ROFL

  2. You shouldn ‘t reach out online. If u have a interesting profile with interesting pictures woman do the work.   U have to make clear in the first 3 messages what your intensions are with the woman.  If u start knowing each other over text, u are also doomed. 

  3. too many gay it don’t make alot of sense its just seems like its made for men alone woman don’t ave any chance to get a nice guy

  4. yeah youtube vids help make it fairly easy to score ugly chicks but if you want to pickup hot chicks you have to know your game or your wont stand a chance check out the free clip on PUA66.COM

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  5. high your hot lets go out i have done my own video of what not to say. would you check it out and give me some advice its called ; what not to say when video dating ;thank you

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