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Fun Fall Activities & Ideas What To Do When Your Bored!
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Hey guys! In todays video I am showing you some fun fall ideas and activities for what to do when your bored in the fall! Fall is great because the leaves are changing, everything is beautiful, starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes.. but it’s also getting colder, the days get shorter, and you are in the full swing of school and work. It can be hard to get inspired to do some fun fall activities with that happening, so here are some ideas for what to do when your bored in the fall! The first idea is to go to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. This is a fun group activity with friends. Next, go on a coffee date with an old friend and catch up with them! Lastly, do some fall DIYs! In this video I also show you what to do wear in the fall for some fall outfit ideas to go along with the fun fall activities!

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  1. “and everything is less than $150!” lmfffaaaaaooooo yeah because thats definitely cheap…. dear lord. these privileged people kill me

  2. I just don’t get why some youtubers get a million subscribers while monka gets 700k ish when her videos are actually real helpful vids unlike a get to know me tag or haul every week plus her vids are super well put together. I mean of course 700k is great but idk I’m just babbling

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