What To Text Him: 5 Exciting Date Ideas To Text A Guy

What To Text Him: 5 Exciting Date Ideas To Text A Guy

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Do you ever think to yourself, “What are some date night ideas to text a guy?” “What to text him? Exciting date ideas for couples?” “What are some date ideas for boyfriend?”

Questions I get asked a lot by women are “What are some date night ideas to text a guy?” and “What are date ideas to text a guy?” “What are some fun date night ideas?”. Thinking about fun date night ideas and exciting date ideas can be tricky, especially when the guy texts you “what do you wanna do?” – so that’s what I’m going to be talking about today!

Giving advice to women on date ideas to text a guy and fun date night ideas is one of my favourite parts (and one of the most enjoyable parts) of being a dating coach and relationships coach. It can be hard to figure out exciting first date ideas and date ideas for your boyfriend and coming up with good date ideas can be a constant challenge for couple.

Good dating advice and relationship advice is about having fun and enjoying dating! That means coming up with date ideas for couples and knowing what to respond what a guy texts you with no real date night ideas in mind. You can craft a playful response suggesting these ideas and have a great time using some of these fun date night ideas!

When a woman comes to me saying “what are some date ideas to text a guy?” “What to text him?” “What to text a guy when he asks you what you want to do on a date?” I think to myself “great question!” – “A guy texting you asking what you want to do on a date is a frustrating text to receive – and now I want to show you what to text him back so you can get the guy and make him yours!”

In this video from Make Him Yours, I (Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach) am revealing 5 date ideas to text a guy and date night ideas for couple. You’ll learn 5 cool date ideas and exciting first dates you can use right now.

If you’ve struggled with knowing what to text a guy when he asks you “what do you wanna do” – then this is the video for you! In it, I give you 5 date ideas to text a guy and 5 date ideas for boyfriend.

This dating and relationships dating advice video is my comprehensive guide to date ideas to text a guy. In it, I reveal 5 first date ideas and 5 fun date night ideas you can text to a guy right now so you can MakeHimYours!

Enjoy the video guys! This is Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach from Make Him Yours.

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Mark Rosenfeld is the Australian dating and relationship coach for women and the founder of Make Him Yours, a dating advice and relationship advice service empowering women to find the love they desire.

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  1. I know what you’re thinking, and BEFORE you say it, Jermia had the night off (performing in a big show, AKA too busy for Mark) so we brought in our lovely assistant Courtney for some screen time! And she was super.

  2. I love competitive dates @ the pool hall or batting cages, its fun & challenging and theres still a lot of time to talk

  3. Hi Mark this is my first time asking for advice. I have been in a 1 year relationship and it’s really important to me because he has made me trust him, but he doesn’t trust me. He’s told me what he doesn’t like and I listened. Then I told him what I dislike. He’s made me feel like he wants to leave me but I don’t want to let go. He says he doesn’t leave me because I won’t let him. Yet, I am tired of calling him to end up on voicemail or texting him to receive no reply. What should I do before I make the tough decision?

  4. love this! and i knew you had to be in QLD! always looks so warm in your vids! I’m jel haha (irish girl in Melbs it’s cooooolllldd!)

  5. Great ideas thank’s Mark!
    One question , is it okay to text a guy first on tinder? it has been two weeks and this guys liked me and we have a match and he didn’t text me or send me anything, what the best message that i can send him ? Thank u again❤️

  6. Hey Mark! I have a question… I have been friends with a guy for over 3 years now. We have been “more than friends” off and on throughout the whole time, exchanged I love you regularly, deep thoughts, etc. we’ve talked almost every day since we’ve known each other and hung out at least a few times a week. Recently he went to a festival in Michigan and stopped talking to me. He came by my work when I wasn’t there when he came back and basically told me boss he has a girlfriend, is really happy, and told her to tell me about it. Am I wrong to think this is absolutely insane?!? I feel like I was just dropped … like I must’ve wasted the last 3 years if that’s how he felt about our relationship??? I’ve always felt like he might be a little narcissistic but this is blowing my mind…

  7. I love these ideas!!! They really allow you to enjoy each other company and have fun!!! Another good video Mark! Keep bring them. I am soaking them all in!!!!

  8. hi Mark! what are your opinion and what’s the best thing to do if your boyfriend/ girlfriend who swear/cursed/saying bad words or negative words upon you.?
    words like : youre an asshole to me,your sick, you’re being stupid,fuckin over your bullshit.
    Sorry about my English

  9. it’s incredible that this video appeared on my timeline because i have so many dates coming next week! thank you Mark ❤

  10. MARK!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! i met this guy on tinder, and we’ve talked on the phone once. we were going to go on a date, but i was busy on the day of the date and plus i wasn’t really into him, i told him i was sick and couldn’t make it. the reason i wasn’t into him was mainly because he texted me way to much with boring stuff like “hey how’s it going”? sometimes twice a day! i just didn’t know how to respond! (no wonder we were always taught not to text that to guys!) anyways, i didn’t wanna meet him in person anymore so i blocked him everywhere. i am guilty of it and i know ghosting is bad, but at that time i just didn’t want any drama. somehow i forgot to block his phone number, and he texted me recently! (about 3-4 weeks after i blocked him on socials!) now, even if i’ve never met him, he’s already giving me a very, very clingy vibe, so i don’t feel like seeing him at all! plus i’m super busy anyways… the problem is, even thought he’s blocked everywhere, he roughly told me where he lives and it’s very very close to me!!!! i’m really, really afraid that 1 day he’ll recognize me on the street and attack me or say nasty things or something (i feel like this cause he’s not giving up even long after i blocked him!) hopefully not though. again, i know this is partly my fault for ghosting him, but i don’t have a legit reason for why we shouldn’t talk since we never met up. what should i do to avoid drama if he sees me on the street?

  11. Loved it <3 Picnics are my favorite plus it's kind of a shared meal and sharing meal makes people closer! I like all of the ideas actually, especially finding the best view in the city! Never did that before but now it's on my mind) thanks!

  12. iI did picnic and tourist thing in the same day I enjoyed the date but the guy wasn’t really generous.We had a beer and he paid his drink no offering even to pay mine.So I did not like that action I left him when we finished our drinks.

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