What Type Online Dating Profile is Best? Plenty of Fish Tips

POF Dating Service Tips: http://bit.ly/u40uDr

Many women on sites like Plenty of Fish skip what you saw in your message, only reading the subject headline before going straight to the profile!


  1. yeah youtube vids make it basic to pickup average girls but if you want to mac babes you have to know why girls tick or they wont even look at you study the video on PUA66.COM

    🙂 كن سفيراً للسعادة

  2. Online Dating Tips: Always meet up in public, watch out for marriage fraud from illegal immigrants, never co-sign or mix finances, talk on the phone before meeting but not so long you get attached, avoid long distance relationships, meet up at free or low cost places parks/bookstores/cafe’s, don’t give out personal info, ask for more than one picture, avoid alcohol for first meet up, just know it’s a package deal when they have kids at home, no dinner or movies for first meet up, must have pics.

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