What’s the Best Dating Advice For Men in Their 30s?

Gentlemen, if you are in your 30s, this dating advice is for you. Open your eyes, tune into your intuition, and make better choices when it comes to women… and always watch out for baby rabies

Watch this video if you don’t believe women trick men into pregnancy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CNHwhHWPoQ

Chris rock on dating advice for men: https://youtu.be/M902ZJHzaLE?t=4m57s

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  1. ya know… one thing that kinda sparked for me in this video was the “dont be her second, dont be her third” comment. Think I should be more proactive with what I want and not as reactive.

    oh and additionally, if women are doing that shit, that’s something guys can call them out on now. Since we’re dumb ignorant sloppy creatures, that gives us the right to call them out and be suspicious if they are suddenly preparing to re-market themselves.

  2. if I was 30 and had a decent job,money, own car, apartment and a dog I would date college aged girl. not big college but like small or community or even trade school type. easy to impress , not ready for marriage and kids yet still fun and tight. they are happy you don’t live with a roommate or mommy and have a dog then once it gets serious dump her ass. move on. one college girl leaves. another comes in. freshman orientation

  3. From my personal experience dating in your thirties is impossible unless you want kids and marriage. If that’s what you want that’s cool but just not for me. Dating in your teens and 20 can be fun with the right girl. But in your thirties I would say there are two types of women. Women who have kids and women who want kids. The fun is over in your thirties it’s all about settling down and raising a family and naturally the women are looking for the best provider they can find. My advise for dating in your thirties is that if your like me and you’ve made it this long with out settling down then keep it going. Just don’t date. Life’s too short, worry about taking care of yourself and doing what makes you happy. Not someone else.

  4. I am 29 do you guys recommend dating younger woman like 20 to 22 I have a couple of young girls that want something but they dont know I am 29 and I dont look my age (i bet they think I am like 24). anyone with dating younger experience?

  5. I DON’T care what anybody says….this dude knows so much it’s almost scary!!! I’ve been binge watching the man’s videos and can relate FULLY to every one…smh….if only I knew then

  6. What if you have no plans to marry? I’m autistic, I tried damn hard in my 20’s and late teens to find a girl friend the old fashioned way, I failed over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to find a woman in my life.

    I use to work out, tan, I’d go out to meet women, I failed.

    I went to Panama Beach Florida on Spring Break to meet a woman if not at least for one night. I failed, unlike all the other men in my troupe.

    I use to buy women all sorts of gifts and do niceties for them. This also failed to get them to want to go out with me.

    I went to bars, I went to house parties, frat parties, never found a woman who wanted to get to know me past that social atmosphere.

    I bought a sportscar with a turbocharger, supposedly women like sportscars. I’d ask women to go out with me for a drive in a sportscar that was quite quick. Never went anywhere with them, they all turned me down and on the rare instance they did go on a date with me, it was one date and never past that.

    I once landed what was then a good paying job for a 21 year old, roughly $25,000 a year. I use to buy women in my life gifts, they’d say thanks, but nothing ever came of it past that. Once I even spotted another girl at my college with a turbocharged car similar to mine, I parked near her and waited for her to come to her car for lunch, I offered to hang out with her since we both had similar interests, she turned me down.

    I once even joined a fraterntiy, the fraternity brothers use to meet all sorts of women at my college. I eventually decided while I might get to see women at the fraternity, I probably would never go out with them if they were anything like the other women I had met. I remember I’d be in a room full of scantily clad hotchicks, but just never had it in me to treat them as anything but another human being, since I was under the assumption that if I made any sort of sexual advances or attempt to court them they’d for surely turn me down.

    I remember once I was in a skating class, I was quite good at skating as a former hockey player, one of the best in the class. I’d try to play around and flirt with the women in my class, and I had the coolest damn car in the group of college kids at the skating rink. I finally one day got the courage to ask one out, she promptly and cold heartedly turned me down. I accepted her decline, but on the drive back home from the ice rink, I would yell with unhinged rage after all I had done to try to be attractive to her, once a fucking gain, I got turned down.

    I started a POF account, I use to browse craigslist ads for women interested in a romantic relationship, I’d send each woman that sounded interesting an email, and I did this for several months, never getting a reply in return.

    I even took up magic. I was a magician for a while. Meet a woman, show her a magic trick, she’d find it cute, but never got anywhere past that. I’d try meeting every woman on my college campus, asking for a number here or there, but it never went anywhere. Eventually the women went to my superiors and complained I was sexually harassing them. I was livid when I heard that, I was so incredibly pissed off, here I am trying my fucking heart out to meet a woman, and they stab me in the back and damn near cost me my job.

    I was starting to get an unhealthy hatred for women in my life at this point, I’d mumble to myself “I hate women….women hate me” over and over and over, under my breath. For a while when I showed up to work, I’d make sure I didn’t have my contact lenses in my eyes because I knew if I could not see the women at my college, if they were nothing but a blur at any distance beyond 8 feet, I couldn’t possibly be attracted to them.

    Often times when I would go out for the night to try and meet a woman, I was happier before I left the house, and after I’d come home I’d be in an extremely down and out mood for another night I had been turned down again and again by women I desperately wanted to meet, but people kept telling me I simply “wasn’t trying hard enough” to meet a woman to spend my life with so I kept doing it over and over and over. I was however much happier in the years after
    I was getting a very unhealthy and extreme anger and hatred towards women, when I finally decided to do something about it.

    I got on a boat to Amsterdam and finally had sex with one of their lovely ladies in their lovely Red Light District. I do not consider marriage a possibility at this point in my life, and after having my heart broken so many times in my life, I don’t think I really want to go out with any women to be honest. I’ve actually grown a stronger attraction and emotional attachment to inanimate objects, like the quartermile cars I use to drive in my 20’s, than I ever will another woman.

    After finally having sex with an extremely beautiful woman, I learned something about my sex drive, that I did not know about it due to having virtually no experience with women prior to that night. I have had my heart broken so many times by women, I can’t really get sexually attracted to them anymore UNLESS they’re extremely beautiful AND a sex worker. I never try to court women anymore, I never try to let them know I’m attracted to them, because I’m under the automatic assumption, and with plenty of evidence, that it will go nowhere. Basically the only women I can ever find myself ever wanting to have sex with now, is only sex workers/prostitutes, where I know I can skip all the stupid fucking bullshit I use to do that never went anywhere, and pay them 50 euro’s or whatever and have sex with them right there on the spot. ANd unlike the rest of society, I actually have an extremely high opinion of the women who are sex workers, they took a guy who was depressed, lonely, suicidal, and had an unhealthy rage towards women, and had sex with me, and a lot of those ill feelings I had simply melted away that night.

    Currently I have no intentions to try to meet a woman. If someone offers up the idea that I should meet a “significant other” in my life, I immediately get a shock of shivers sent down my spine, and a feeling of loathing and dread and the sheer unhappiness if I tried doing what I did in my late teens and early 20’s all over again. But alas, there are the beautiful women in the Red Light District, they don’t care if I’m a man down on my luck, a little bit of money, and they’ll give me that intimate connection and love with an attractive human female, I spend over a decade attempting to acquire with no success.

  7. So …basically up until my late twenties I was just a blindfolded guy in a forest of women. And now that I am in my thirties, I am the same blindfolded guy except the forest is now a minefield? Encouraging…

  8. Love the Videos thanks a lot…… speaking of how marrying the wrong person can ruin your life is so fucking true!!!!!!! I had someone tell me before i got married that if i had ANY doubts not to do it. Of course i did not listen to him, chalked my doubts up to cold feet. Anyone getting married… listen to your gut. Don’t not leave because it is hard or you are worried about what people will say. They will get over it.

  9. So what’s the point of life if you do not reproduce? Women need men and men need women. Back in the day when men went to war for resources, women were part of that resource. Because if your tribe only had men, you tribe will eventually die off or be murdered/taken over by another tribe, due to weak numbers. Women were a matter of survival. To what end would one want to improve themselves?

  10. Gee the comment section saddens me as a mother of a 10 year old learning what my son is in for….

    Conversation the other day with my 10 year old son and 7 year old Nephew……

    Boys when you grow up never marry a woman who is unwilling to get dirty, cries if she breaks a nail, or will not work hard….never marry someone who has to look perfect all the time like a barbie doll or she will break the bank…..

    My son….yes mom you have told me already……my nephew. …REALLY!?

    Me yes Austie, really…except I am not talking about your mom…she works hard and pays for her own up keep, and there is nothing wrong with a woman taking care of herself as long as she can pay for it….and does not have a high maintenance personality!

    Besides boys, do you think a barbie would go camping with you, or hiking, or surfing….The boys….no….and that would be boring.

  11. Wow, guess I am and was naive….I thought people married because they love each other reciprocal. ….very sad women do not necessarily marry for love!

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