Which gifts do Ukrainian girls want to see on the first date? Interview of Ukrainian girls

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  1. I’m not desperate for a woman’s attention, I get lots of attention, but can’t find a good Christian lady here, and Ukraine women are very beautiful, just would like one with a good Chritain heart too

  2. I would want to surprise her on the first date after we talked some and I learned some things about her. But I definitely think a rose is very appropriate on first date, but only if your really impressed with her and you can tell she is impressed with me. But always a gentleman no matter what the out come of the date

  3. Оля, ради меня в след репортаже губы накрась менее яркой помадой, например вишневой, плиз.

  4. I am curious: Why giving gifts it connected to “real intentions” or “be a serious man” – as you mentioned a few times? I am a woman and completely disagree with this materialistic point of view when what you are talking about is showing intentions and feelings.. why do you measure and connect what should have VALUE with things that have PRICE?

  5. Согласно полигамия на Украине, или нет? Я женат, она русская. Полигамия игамия в России, на юридических нет, но на фактических можно.

  6. This is an odd tradition, on my planet it is customary for fathers to bribe young men to take their daughters off their hands with large dowries.

  7. My experience in many many trips to Ukraine and living there for 6 months. The girls are like or say they are traditional, but the truth is they look great in public, act like a lady, but in bed… OMFG! Any and all mens dream.

    I had a lady tell me, after our first date she was ready to sleep with me. Then, I had one lady not even talk about sex. So, these lady’s are no different, than any other lady’s in the world. They do take very good care of themselves and look amazing.

    There are some that want only money and will do and say whatever it takes to get the “support”.

    The younger women are more westernized and want “things”, “items” to have a better life. They have what men want… so being honest.

    It takes time, just like anywhere to find that amazing woman. They are there in Ukraine and a man will not be disappointed, when he finds her. I have mine and look forward to making her my wife.

    Just stay within 10 years of the age difference and you will be ok. Do not fall of the OMG, I am 20 years younger and age does not matter bullshit. It does matter and the man is being played a sucker, if he thinks anything different.

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