Why Do Men Cheat On Their Girlfriend Or Wife? 3 Reasons

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There is no more highly charged topic than cheating. Whenever I get an email question about a situation involving infidelity, it is usually one of very powerful emotions.

So you have to put on your armor as we open up and expose the Truth about cheating here in this article… If you’re particularly sensitive, this is going to stir up some chaos in your circuits.

You ready?

Okay, let’s dive in…

Right away, we have to cover some important stuff:

First of all, ask yourself: Is that person a cheater, or did they cheat?
One is an identity: He’s a cheater.

The other is an error in judgment: He cheated.

Even using the word “cheat” makes the whole thing SUPERCHARGED with emotional energy.

Ever since we were kids, the concept of cheating was a black and white ethical line. But if we’re honest with ourselves, we do a LOT of things that don’t fit into neat little right vs wrong cells on a spreadsheet.

So keep in mind that circumstances can create a cheat-friendly environment for ANYONE.

That’s right – after 25+ years of coaching and working with people on their relationships – including my own – I firmly believe that we are ALL capable of cheating.

Especially the people that condemn it the most.

There was a time in the late 80s and early 90s when televangelists (arguably not your heroes of moral example) were being caught left and right in sexual scandals.

To many, it was shocking. To me, it seemed completely expected.

We often judge something harshly as a response to our own fears of weakness.

In fact, the question I often get is: “Why do ALL men cheat?”
It’s assumed that this is something that ALL men do, when it has never been established as a truth.

So before you raise your fist and cry out: “Me? Cheat?? NEVER!” … Keep in mind that this often comes from a feeling of betrayal that we carry out of being the one cheated on in the past.

Second: The truth about cheating is not what you think…

Cultural stereotypes (you can blame TV for this) say that men are most likely to cheat.

This is not true.

The difference in the % of cheating men vs. cheating women is negligible. The fact is that women are just much better at rationalizing and hiding their indiscretions.

There, I said it…

I’ve interviewed experts on this topic numerous times in the past, and revealed the ugly secret that very few people can speak of – and that is that neither sex is beyond doing wrong to their partners.

When it comes right down to it, we’re all capable of doing whatever it takes to get what we need. No one is beyond some deception to get their emotional and biological drives satisfied.

So as I explain the 3 reasons why a guy cheats on his wife or girlfriend, I want you to keep this in mind. These reasons can also be a woman’s reason for being unfaithful to her man.

The outcome is the same – but the difference is that each sex has a reason for why they cheated, just with a different priority.

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