Why Do Men Leave Women They Love

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Although there are myths that say that a man never leaves a woman until he has another, what reasons lead the male gender to break a relationship? Next, we reveal the most common reasons that they dare not to say but that are real. Take note

!1. There is another.

Without a doubt, one of the reasons is that he has found another woman even if he does not recognize it. If it’s your situation, the best thing you can do is turn the page. Rest assured that he will return, but do not let him enter into your life again.

2. Does not feel valued.

Men also need pampering and to feel useful. Even if you are an independent woman, with a very tight schedule … it is important that you do not make him feel in the background. Value him as you would like to be valued and make him feel important.

3. Lack of sex.

The routine can ruin the relationship. Your lack of sex and the few sexual encounters are one of the reasons why men take flight.

4. Arguments.

They say that the best of the arguments are the reconciliations, but a relationship based on arguments every day ends up wearing. So control your genius.

5. Want different things.

Opposing poles are attracted but for a relationship to work it is important that both walk in the same direction. If you like to be at home and your guy the adventure, if you are from the beach and he is from the mountain, if you want children and he does not … There is a problem! Lack of affinity makes a dent.

6. Not being prepared.

It is true that men are not always ready for commitment, especially if you catch him after a breakup. It is important to know what you want and what he wants and not to force the machine. If he does not want commitment and you do, get another guy.

7. Feeling overwhelmed.

Be careful to demand too much, being on top and not giving him his space. Men, as well as women, need their living space. Do not suffocate him all the time nor act like his mom and scold him if he does not do what you want. He is your partner, so treat him as such.

Although there are more reasons, such as jealousy, another great classic, these are some of the most common explanations for a man ending a relationship.

Do you know any other reason why a man would leave a woman? Tell us in the comments section below.

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