Why do men walk away from a woman they like

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 Although it seems logical that a man stays near a woman he likes and shares as much time as possible with her, in many cases, men do the opposite.

Although it seems illogical to women, man’s distant behavior hides several reasons behind.

1. Uncertainty.

For many men, the beginning of a relationship is a period of uncertainty and confusion.

That uncertainty about what they want and what that relationship means for them can lead a man to alienate the woman, avoid the relationship and with it, the complex emotions that it supposes.

When it comes to men who have uncertainty, to advance in the relationship, to develop a routine and to enter into trust with him will be the solution to this problem, since when that happens, the man reluctant to accept his emotions will become less insecure and will approach more to you.

2. Fear of rejection.

Nobody likes to be rejected. Some men, in an attempt to avoid rejection, remain distant from the woman they want.

If the man who is taking distance from you seems to be afraid of being rejected, you can help by increasing the demonstrations of affection, the Cosmopolitan magazine explains.

If you make it clear that he will not be rejected, he will be able to get rid of his fear and approach you as you want.

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3. Become indifferent.

When they start a new relationship, men often strive to become indifferent and therefore, they tend to keep their distance.

For many men, getting romantic is not the right attitude.

If they try to impress a woman, men avoid calling too fast, try to look distant, and work to avoid being needed, thus distancing themselves from their partners and potentially breaking a fragile relationship.

Although there is not much you can do to eliminate that false idea in your head, you can make it clear that forming a romantic and close couple is the right attitude.

4. He does it for his friends.

Many men spend a great deal of time worrying about what their friends think.

Although for women it is most desirable to have a man close to them, for their friends, always being with a woman may be at all undesirable.

If a man seems to distance himself from you, especially when he is with his friends, it may mean that he wants to keep his reputation intact.

There are few things you can do to change his idea of giving a certain image to his friends; however, you can make him come to you by explicitly saying that he means a lot to you, and see if he does what you ask.

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