Wife’s reaction to her Husband Caught Cheating – VERY UNEXPECTED

Wife’s reaction to her Husband Caught Cheating – VERY UNEXPECTED

Michelle came to us asking to test her Husband. They’ve been married for 5 years. Some details about their relationship.. Michelle was born and raised here in America… she was looking and looking for a serious relationship and marriage years ago, however she had bad luck finding a man with her traditional/cultural values. Her parents set her up with a guy that was out of country – they knew him through their Uncle’s best friend’s son. She thought he would be different, being foreign – but lately, her traveling for work a lot (she’s an engineer) – had her having insecurities, and wanted to truly know if he’s different than the “American” guys that she’s dated in the past.

Let’s find out…

We’ve seen a few comments asking us why we’re blurring the faces and some videos we don’t have them blurred. Well after we shoot these, the spouse let’s us know if they’d like to confront them on camera or not (most have said no) after that we ask the BF or GF being tested if we can use them in the video or not.. so a lot are saying no, some are cool and say fine.

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