Would You Ever Let Your Man Check Out Another Woman?

When it comes to relationships, there are certain rules that go unspoken. But sometimes, everything isn’t always in black and white. Would you ever let your man look at another woman? And when is it crossing the line? Our guys give the dirt on dating etiquette.


Dear Abby: You aint got nothing on us. Tango goes straight to the source and gets guys talking about dating, makeups and breakups.

Is there some sort of code of conduct when it comes to interacting the opposite sex? Let’s find out.
So guys first up is it ok to look at another woman when you’ve got a girlfriend, fiancé, wife, significant other?

I defer to my fiancé’s judgment on this. And she has a little saying, she says, ‘I don’t care where you get your appetite as long as you come home to eat.’

I’m like yeah. I’m from Italian descent so it’s actually almost like a spit in the face of your heritage if you don’t look at another woman as you go by. Don’t make it obvious! Don’t gawk.

My wife and I joke about it and she’ll sometimes point someone out and be like, ‘Alright if I die tomorrow, you can go find that person and just walk by’. I’ll look at her and be like ‘Oh, there goes your new boyfriend.

Does anyone know Jennifer Connelly? Yes. Really? I have a relationship clause. Oh she’s the one, huh? She’s the one.

If you ever have the opportunity your fiancé says ‘Go for it’.
Better things about being unavailable is that like you realize what you have to go through when you go into a bar. And like now I can just go into a bar and be retarded. And it doesn’t matter.

Like I’d probably wear something more that women would be less interested in. Just myself.

One rule of thumb could be don’t do anything you wouldn’t do if she was there. You know, grinding on some girl in the dance floor or and ear sucking. You probably wouldn’t do that if she was there.
I went on vacation with six girls this last summer that are just honest to god my friends.

Just you and-

Me and six girls. Sounds awesome but really actually just really good friends. Is a girl I’m dating ever gonna really be cool with that? I mean-No these girls are never.

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