Young Black Men ~ How To Make Better Relationship Choices #1

Consultation with Lenon:

Question: I’m 18 years old and live in the uk my name is _____. I just wanted to seek some advice that I think would help me and also other young men who may be going through what I’m going through regarding my relationship. I met this girl who is my age at a party and spoke to her not because I saw qualities of a woman that I look for which are respectful and such but it was lust and the way she was dressed which I have come to realize was the first mistake I made . But as time went by I felt sorry for her and began to like her as she opened up to me and told me that her parents left her at birth and how she was cheated on in previous relationships. I felt that if I stayed with her I would show her that not every guy is like that. But as time went by I came to realize how disrespectful she is which made me become very disrespectful and rude to her which I did not want to become to any woman as she also was rude to my mother not directly but through the way she talked about her to me because my mother did not like her when she first met her because she was drunk and the second time my mother met her she did not want to greet her. So every time I have tried to leave this girl she guilt trips me and says you told me you would never leave me and cries to me and comes to my house refusing to leave me. I don’t want to be with her and now I’m at the stage where I have just blocked her from every form of way she can contact me and have not spoken to her for 10 days. She is not someone I can help become better I have tried but she says if I couldn’t handle her mouth in the beginning I should have not talked to her which sounds very dumb as if being rude is something to be proud of as I feel that me being with her is beneficial to her as I am way more developed as a person than she is. I feel that I deserve more as being with her pulls me down to her level and I feel drained as she is a very toxic person and does not bring me any happiness what so ever. I feel I only have stayed with her because I feel sorry for her. If you can advise me your help would be very much needed and appreciated thank you
Your choice is your choice. Why did you choose her? All relationships are based upon the value that you place upon yourself
Value that you place on yourself vs. the value that you have to offer to a relationship. Fathers should teach

1. Proper foundation of a relationship (self-work, communication, research, compatibility, mutual respect, appreciation for your complementary sex, commitment, dedication, collective vision, G.C .

2. Become a better man (Work on yourself) Overcome the sexist programing

Sex = Happiness
Revealed body parts = a woman’s value
You are greater than women
Purify your Thoughts / Words / Actions

3. Raise your relationship standards

4. Know what you want / Know what you deserve / Put these things in a greater context

5. Qualities to look for in a woman:
Self-Respect (how she dresses)
Positive Attitude
Respectful Communication (language/ no yelling / no verbal abuse
Social Life (Friends, family, clubbing, gossiping)
Substance abuse
Clean media

Always consider the greater context:
Good wife: Will you be able to enjoy your life together and experience happiness
Good mother: nurturing, responsible, mental and emotional maturity

Relationship expert
Relationship advise


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