Young, Married & HAPPY: Me & My Husband’s Relationship Advice Channel


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My husband and I decided to start a channel together all about relationship advice & tips from a young, married couple. If you need any advice or have any questions please feel free to comment below or message us. We will be doing vlogs answering your questions, giving opinions, and also advice.

I will still be doing my fashion and beauty related video on this channel, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! AllThingsFabulous101 is here to stay!

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  1. @prettyxcandy93 I’m 23 and my husband is 26. We started our marriage channel nearly 2 years ago. Most marriage channels on YT are from people that are in their twenties or older because people feel that you have to have some experience being married before you can give other people advice or tips on marriage or relationships.Our channel is YoungMarriedHAPPY, not TeenagersMarriedHappy. Early 20’s are young for marriage. If you don’t want to watch our videos, then you’re more than welcome not to.

  2. You guys dont look that young..I keep searching up young marriage expecting to find people who are 18 to 25…and I keep running into blogs/vlogs with ppl like 10 yrs older than me lol.

  3. @MzChellesoul Sorry I found it after searching a couple of minutes. Didn’t realize I clicked on the fashion but I beleive I subscribed to both. Thanks for answering. I meant to come back and say disregard but forgot.

  4. @MzChellesoul This channel was never a couple’s channel. This channel is my fashion and beauty channel. There is a link in the description box to me and my husband’s joint channel.

  5. What happeded to the channel being a couple thing. I just checked the page and it’s all fashion. Are ya’ll still doing those vids from time to time?

  6. You guys are a BEA-U-tiful couple, lol but its weird when u say your married because I swear I thought u were my age, like 17 or 18. I swear u guys must never fight u guys seem sooo perfect

  7. You make a beautiful couple. You remind me so much of Kimora Lee Simmons, which is a good thing….Keep sticking together and keeping the negative ones out of your life.

  8. you look like kimora lee simons in this vid…u gyz r cute!!!its nice to see this kinda relationship still exists…God bless!

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